The Evolution of EPS

Welcome everyone to the world of Eljer P. Sloan. I've been writing and recording original music for quite some time under the EPS name, but please allow me to be perfectly clear. Eljer P. Sloan is not my alter-ego, nor is it a solo project. It's always been more of a communal endeavor, but until now it's never been identified as a full-time band. All that has officially changed. With Ron "Ronzo" Santorella on guitar/vocals, Handsome Dave Castle on bass/vocals, and Philadelphia Mike Schmidt on drums, the Fall of 2022 brings the Rise of EPS as a live experience. All very talented musicians who are not only bringing their styles and putting their signatures on previously recorded material, but also bringing their writing skills to make future collaborations all that more exciting. I could not be more humbled or super-fantastically stoked to be part of such a great group of players, and an even greater group of humans. Please feel free to stay here for as long as you'd like, and we hope to see you soon at a venue near you.

Dave M.

Dave Malcolm (vocals)

Handsome Dave Castle (bass/backing vocals)

Ron Santorella (guitar/backing vocals)

Mike Schmidt (drums)